There are two possibilities of beginner’s course

Evening courses of Czech language

The course is taught in group sessions 2 x 3 hours per week in the evenings for 2 months – that is 50 lessons in total.

Price for Evening Courses of Czech language
5 000 CZK including learning materials.

Semestral courses of Czech language

The course is taught in group sessions 1 x 4 hours per week in the evening for 3 months, that is 50 lessons in total.

Price for Semestral courses of Czech language
5 000 CZK including learning materials

Aim of the course

The main aim of the course is to acquire knowledge and skills at the level of A1 and inform the candidate about the format of the test. The course content is based on the Common European Framework of Reference and description of Czech as a foreign language at the level of A1.

Description of the level of language skills, level A1

  • Listening activities

    Students understand and use simple everyday expressions, instructions and questions, expressed slowly and clearly, understand numbers and data on prices and time. They also understand native speakers, if they speak slowly and clearly, with long pauses.

  • Reading comprehension

    Students understand data in questionnaires and forms, such as name, date of birth, age, etc. They can find information on posters informing about organizing cultural and other events. They also understand basic expressions used in everyday life, when they travel and work on PC.

  • Oral comprehension

    Students will be able to introduce themselves, they know simple phrases used in meetings. They can communicate in shops, they can ask and answer simple questions and react on them. They can communicate in a simple form, but they are dependent on the willingness of the partner to repeat the sentence slowly or in other words and help them formulate what they want to say.

  • Speaking

    Students are able to give basic information about themselves, their interests and hobbies.

  • Writing

    Students are able to fill out basic forms, write a simple text on a postcard, a few simple sentences about themselves and their families, to say where they are etc.

The course content

• Improving of language skills at level A1: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking and writing under the leadership of a Czech teacher

• Analysis of mistakes in writing.

• Discussed topics for the oral part of the exam

• Analysis of mistakes in spoken language and the use of compensatory strategies.

• Understanding of the test format.

• Training test, correction and analyzing of mistakes.

• Assistance with application form for school exams included in the list of the Ministry of Education that can offer such tests

Learning materials:

  • JITKA Cvejnová , PETRA Honzáková , DANA Hulk NÝVLTOVÁ , Paul MÁLKOVÁ: Připravte se s námi na zkoušku z českého jazyka pro trvalý pobyt v ČR. Extended booklet with model test of Czech language, including a CD with recording.
  • Hádková , M., lines, J., VLASÁKOVÁ , K.: Čeština jako cizí jazyk. Úroveň A1. Praha, MŠMT a nakl. Tauris, 2005, includes training exam tests and supplementary materials.